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Adults with Intellectual Disabilities and Autism

You will feel right at home within the PathWays Residential Program.

As a member of PathWays Residential Program your home is a place to feel safe, a place to be proud of and a place to live your life’s journey. You will have choice and support as you live each day, you will have opportunity to grow your interests and develop new ones, you will live with one or two peers who you appreciate, and you will be able to explore your community, develop friendships and participate in all aspects of having a homelife. You will lead your team and your team will support you on your path.

PathWays offers licensed homes in the community with PathWays staff member support 24 hours a day. Individual bedroms are offered for personalization, with plenty of room for cooking, watching tv, personal care and socializing. The house vehicle is available and used extensively as you participate in your job, day service, volunteer program, errands or leisure. Assistance is provided with skill development in areas such as: medications, meals, housekeeping, finances, decision-making, health & wellness and emotional well-being. This service is offered on a long term or a short term basis.

If you live in your own home or apartment and need some support PathWays Supported Living program is an option. A staff member can provide support in areas such as managing personal resources, health maintenance, wellness activities, relationship development and socialization, communication, mobility and transportation, and use of community resources to promote independence.

Whichever the option you choose, we are here for you.

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